Expressive and Spontaneous Portraiture

February 27 & 28
9 a.m.- 4 p.m. 
Irene B. French Community Center
Fee: $150

Instructor: Nyle Gordon


This two-day oil portrait workshop is for beginner to advanced painters. Artists will discover loose and expressive ways of approaching portraiture while maintaining a likeness of the subject. Artist Nyle Gordon will begin the day with a demonstration and discussion. The remainder of the day will be spent making rounds instructing individual painters covering the basics of composition, value, color, and edges as it applies to portraiture. Portraits will be produced from both live models and photographic references provided. Questions and discussion are encouraged. Nyle has a casual and inclusive approach to teaching that puts students at ease. 

Cost includes 14 hours of professional instruction, breakfast, lunch , and snacks both days. Limited to 10 students.

 You can also register by calling 913-322-5550, or in person at the Irene B. French Community Center (5701 Merriam Drive). Cancelation Hotline: 913-322-5591.


Materials list:

*Easel and palette 

 *3-4  canvases will be needed suggested sizes: *14x18, *16x20

*Brushes-a variety of sizes of flat, round, and filbert style (bring what you have)

*Palette knife

*Minimum color palette:

Cadmium Yellow, Lemon Yellow, Yellow Ochre, Cadmium Red Light, 

Alizarine crimson,Ultramarine Blue, Thalo Blue, Titanium White, Ivory Black. 

(other colors are optional)

*Paper towels or rags and a container or bag for disposal.

*odorless mineral spirits and a small container for it

* Liquin oil painting medium


​Space is limited.

​For questions,  feel free to email or call;